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Alongside my day job working in broadcast TV, I also love working on short films and music videos. This is something I am eager to do more of so if you need a DoP or camera operator for a project, no matter what size budget get in touch today.

I'm passionate about bringing good stories to life, concentrating on human elements and emotions whether they be documentary or fictional.

As well as owning my own BBC and Netflix approved camera equipment, I also have excellent links to camera rental houses in West London who can offer specialist equipment at excellent prices. If you're looking for help finding crew, I also have close ties to other professional crew members including directors, sound operators, focus pullers and camera assistants.

The Chase - Top Gear Parody 2020
Directed by P. Atkinson & J Longley
Shot on Sony A7iii, Canon 5D iii
Siblings 2017

Directed by Stephen Gallacher

Shot on Sony FS7 with Zeiss CP2 Primes

The Late Shift 2016
Directed by Stephen Gallacher
Shot on Arri Alexa and Ultra Primes
Vending 2015

Directed By Stephen Gallacher

Shot on Sony FS700 with Zeiss CP2 Lenses

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